Crisis Scenario


Tensions are rising over the Korean peninsula. The recent actions of North Korea, especially their continued drive towards nuclear capability, have been particularly disconcerting. The true purpose of their arms development? Only Kim Jong Un and his inner circle likely know. It may be a coldly rational attempt to secure the history-defying survival of the DPR by leveraging military capability, but assuming the worst, it presents a potentially catastrophic threat to a great many nations.

Now, following rumours of a North Korean ICBM capable of reaching the East Coast, even the United States is threatened by a mysterious and unpredictable enemy.

Options are being weighed up on all sides. Should limited military action be considered? Should North Korea seek an alternate path? As the war of words ebb and flow like the waves of the pacific onto the peninsula, will the situation be calmly resolved, or shall there be decision by fire and fury?"

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