Crisis Scenario


Diplomatic fireworks are being ignited over the sea between China and Malaysia. The aggressive nature of Chinese foreign policy has lead to the expansion of PLA presence on the Spratly Islands, an archipelago at the heart of the South China Sea. The official reason for this stemming from historical claims, a map from the 1940s showing a 9 dash line for China's control. But the region is important politically, militarily, and economically, with China determined to gain control.

Meanwhile the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, and Vietnam all have claims to Exclusive Economic Zones and the islands that lie within them. Recently, the United States has conducted Freedom of Navigation operations within the South China Sea. Japan have also joined this list of allies to help maintain international waters, projecting 'freedom' with military presence.

With the formation of ASEAN and its allies on one side and China alone on the other: will nine dashes seal the fate of two superpowers?

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